Welcome to the York & District Organists’ Association!

‘Music is a language which continues where Literature leaves off, and which is common to all Continents and tongues’ (Lamartine)

The York & District Organists’ Association (YDOA) was founded in September 1945 by Sir Edward Cuthbert Bairstow. Its founding principles were ‘to engage with contemporaries socially, enjoy with them the art of music making, visit other spheres of activity, enter into open discussion on all matters of mutual interest, and profit from the wisdom of those expert in the dispensation of our art in Quires and Places where they sing’. This philosophy remains central to the YDOA and the Incorporated Association of Organists (IAO). With around 80 members, the YDOA is an active fellowship of musicians and music-lovers. New members are always welcome and we look forward to seeing you soon!